When physical life ends, only the body dies. The soul ascends to the realm of the spirit where it regularly attains higher levels of purity and holiness. However, the soul can no longer perform good deeds. How then can the disembodied soul derive new sources of merit? When we, the living, give charity or do good deeds in memory of a departed parent or loved one, the merit is truly that of the departed soul.

Yizkor will be recited at Chalet @ Chabad on:
Yom Kippur (October 12) at 12pm and on Shmini Atzeret (October 24) at 12pm

We will be printing a Yizkor booklet with a memorial page.
$18 Name Dedication | $540 Booklet Dedication

For more information please call Rabbi Yossi at 865.588.8584 or email Rabbi@ChabadKnoxville.org.

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